I work mainly with small- and middle-sized businesses from all around the globe. I provide solutions that are professionally build and tested many times. The technologies used in my projects are one of the most popular, which guarantees that your web site is going to be technologically relevant at least the next couple of years.

Preferred communication channels.

My preferred communication channels are email, project management platforms, skype and slack.

There are two types of customers I seek.

The partner

For partners, who outsource their WordPress projects, I have standard operating procedures, which cut the hours and give better rate options. I work both on hourly rare as well as on project based payment. Being a part of a small team, I can sometimes take on bigger projects and offer more hours.

The communication and reports are minimal, but enough to get the work done with quality.

The direct customer

In just 6 simple steps you have your next web site.

  • You send me the tech specification
  • I develop the web site
  • You see a demo on my server
  • Your review it and I make minor changes
  • I upload your website on your hosting
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